Benefits of Hiring Shipping Container Removals For Interstate Move

November 30, 2020

Moving anywhere can be a challenge for both the experienced and unprepared. Whether it be for your home or business, doing it yourself can be a long and stressful journey. Hiring a truck gets the job done, but if you have lots to move and want it done in one trip, then a shipping container removalist is your most straightforward solution for local and interstate moving.

Move everything in one trip

If you haven’t noticed, shipping containers are enormous and can hold lots of things in them. To put this space in perspective, a 20’ storage container has about 33 cubic meters of space, meaning it can carry the contents of a 2-4 bedroom home! If that’s not enough, 40’ shipping containers are also available to meet the biggest of moving demands. With that amount of space, you can effortlessly transfer your entire house or your business interstate in one trip. With three different sizes to choose from, hiring a Storage Container is easier than ever.

Economical Removal Containers

Experienced drivers transport your goods

Betta storage operates their own 20’ & 40’ tilt tray trucks at competitive prices. These trucks are specifically designed for the safe transportation, loading and unloading of shipping containers, all while giving your goods a smooth ride. Tilt tray trucks place the shipping container on the ground level, so you don’t need to deal with any lifts to move all your items from a truck to the floor, you can wheel them out straight away. If space is a bit limited at your destination site, you can also hire a side loading semi-trailer truck to place your container next to the truck. Hiring interstate moving containers is one of the easiest ways to safely get your goods delivered to where they need to be.

Protect your belongings with insurance

Suppose you are worried about the safety of your belongings. In that case, Betta Storage offers removals and storage insurance in the event of an accident (e.g. vehicle/container is affected by a natural disaster). Often, movers aren’t responsible for any damages that happen to your things, so if you are concerned about a potential accident, insurance may be worth it for interstate container removals.

Betta Storage Containers in NSW
  • Container Hire

    Our hire fleet consists largely of units built within the last 5 years, which means your belongings or goods will stay safer and more secure in a clean and well-presented container

  • Container Engineering

    The many and varied applications for the use of shipping containers can be greatly increased with features that can be added or modified to a standard shipping container

  • Container Delivery

    We operate our own 20` tilt tray trucks at very competitive rates. Our experienced drivers do their best to get the container to into the required place

  • Our network

    Because we work with affiliated companies in each Australian port, we know we can meet your needs no matter the location