Benefits of Hiring or Buying a Refrigerated Shipping Container

May 30, 2020


Let's get right to the point. A refrigerated shipping container has the capacity to fill any of your cooling storage and transportation needs. If your business is lacking space for consistent cooling of products, then seriously consider investing in refrigerated shipping containers. They have an abundance of uses and methods of transportation to be an effective storage unit in many scenarios.

Keeps ingredients fresh

The walls of these portable cold storage units can be lined with food-grade quality steel, making it highly suitable for food storage and transportation to preserve its freshness and quality. Refrigerated shipping containers for example have also been used for the transportation of chemicals and medical equipment/products which usually require specific, consistent temperatures to store optimally.

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Makes mass transporting easier

Shipping containers come with transportation in mind, they can be used on trucks and boats to effectively move goods around, perfect for temporary storage here and there, or food trucks who like to move around. They are also great as a permanent storage solution and can bring an extra depth of personality to a business.

If you want to use your shipping container for shipping goods, these are an ideal solution if you need to keep a certain temperature for fresh produce such as fish or meat to keep cool. This can be changed depending on the goods, however you should do your research when it comes to storing and shipping dangerous goods.

Can be used for more than storage

Get creative with your shipping container! As a restaurant owner, you could present your food buffet style in the shipping container, to have customers come in and pick what they need. Buffet hotpot or Korean BBQ love this method and is vastly popular around the world, especially in Australia! You could also use it as a mobile cool container for event spaces for example. You don’t strictly need to store things in it to get value.

Huge variety of sizes available

Another great advantage of having a refrigerated shipping container in your arsenal is the sheer amount of space it provides. Shipping containers can be bought or hired in many different sizes to fit any of your needs. Modern cold storage units are optimised for great electricity efficiency, without the cost of generating excessive noise or external heat, reducing any possible disruptions to those working or living around it.

With Betta Storage Containers, you can rest assured that you’ll be exploring a quality range of refrigerated shipping containers, with many sizes and shapes available for any scenario. If you’re cornered about their quality or have any questions about your specific needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch. With such variety available for hire or purchase, you’re sure to get great value for your money.

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