Benefits of Side Opening Shipping Containers

September 30, 2020

When you think of a shipping container, the first thing that comes to mind would be a traditional, huge metal container with massive doors on each end. Every day there are more modification options available to you to create a shipping container purpose fit for your needs. As such, side opening shipping containers are extremely popular and we will explain why.

Multi functional containers

Shipping containers are being used for a lot more than just storage these days. Shipping containers have been used for popup restaurants, small shops, cafes and more! The limits of what your container can do come down to your imagination. With side opening doors, your container can be opened up as presented as a fully functional space. It could become a walk in area to promote products, office space for yourself & others or even a small food place where you can order in and sit outside to eat.

20’ side opening shipping container

Side opening containers can also be useful for storing things that may be difficult to place in a regular shipping container. If you rely on machinery, a forklift can get into the side of a container much easier than the front/back.

Customisable to your specific needs

Another great thing about shipping containers is that they’re very flexible in how you can modify them. For example, if food is going to be around your container, you can have it coated with an anti-corrosion solution, painted and insulated to keep produce fresh and safe. You can create sliding/fixed windows and spaces in the walls to suit your needs. Air-conditioning units can be installed to keep office spaces cool, and produce safe.

There are many possibilities with customisation. Some options include:

  • Access options; personnel doors / sliding doors / roller doors
  • Windows: sliding or fixed
  • Air conditioning units: window or split system
  • Security: heavy duty lock covers / mesh screens
  • Ventilation: wall & roof vents (whirly bird etc)
  • Electrical & lighting fit out (tagged & tested – mine site ready)
  • Shelving: steel framed multi level
  • Dangerous goods stores: end opening / side opening

Talk with your trusted shipping container company for all their options. Modified shipping containers help bring your visions to life and are unique to you.

Affordable pricing

Whether you’re thinking of hiring or buying a side opening container, there are many containers available at affordable prices. All containers can be delivered to your location. Different container sizes may vary the cost slightly. Hire costs are normally charged monthly, and if you want to own your own container, Betta Storage offer a ‘lease-to-own’ program where you lease your container for two years, and have ownership of it at the end. This is an ideal offer for small businesses, avoiding the heavy upfront fees.

For specific pricings and details on buying a storage container, call Betta Storage or get a free quote online. With a wide variety of side opening containers for sale, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.

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