Businesses Using Refrigerated Shipping Containers

July 29, 2020

If you have been thinking about refrigerated shipping containers but can’t justify investing in one, let us explain why so many businesses are relying on them. Refrigerated shipping containers can be customised to suit most applications and with airtight seals and temperature regulation controls, it's even easier to monitor your products. Here are some examples of how they are already being used as smart business solutions.


If you work with food, you’ll understand purchasing food in bulk is much cheaper in the long run, especially before certain products become scarce. For smaller restaurants, it can be hard to store all this food on site, so they may have a storage centre far away, which then must be delivered when needed. A refrigerated shipping container can provide an easier, cheaper and more convenient way to store and access stock. All types of meat, seafood and fresh produce can be stored at the specific temperature required to preserve freshness and flavour.

Refrigerated Shipping Containers for restaurants

Shipping containers are also great for scalability. Your storage can grow with you, by adding on more containers. They can also be easily relocated for whatever the businesses needs are. You could get creative and even grow certain products in the container! There are many benefits of mobile cold storage containers, and we will continue on with their uses.

Hospitals & Pharmaceutical businesses

The pharmaceutical industry handles many life-saving medications which must be stored in certain conditions to preserve their quality and effectiveness. Things such as blood, plasma and vaccines can be closely regulated and transported in a refrigerated shipping container. Using the container as a walk-in storage unit also provides a great ease of access to the products when needed.

Festivals and public events

Many large festival and event organisers have their cashier staff sit in refrigerated storage containers as an airconditioned room to work in. These are usually customised with windows to serve customers through them. Shipping containers are also durable as protection in case of an emergency, and can lock themselves in if there's any danger. Some event organisers have converted their containers into makeshift bars! You can get really creative by using these units in public spaces, and any container can be customised, and with their ease of mobility, they can be placed down, used then moved away without leaving a trace.


Refrigerated shipping containers allow for florists to store and complete big shipping orders with ease. As you may know, flowers will begin to die as soon as they are cut. If you’ve ever been to a florist, you may notice that flowers are kept in a cool room. This helps maintain their appearance, and extends their life. Not only that, some florists have modified shipping containers that are used as temperature controlled greenhouses and flower displays.

There are many options available with a refrigerated shipping container, and with so many customisation options available, you’re bound to find a container that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations of what they can do. Find a 10ft+ container for sale today!


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