How Can a Shipping Container Solve Your Storage Needs?

December 30, 2019

If you’ve forgotten why shipping containers have become such an effective form of storage then here’s a quick reminder: They are wind and waterproof (they’re used to travelling the high seas) - which includes being sealed around their doors which makes them safe and secure and easy to lock up.Aside from that, they are movable structures and as such, storage containers are not subject to the usual council by-laws and regulations like permanent, immovable structures.

They can be used for storage or site offices. If you need your storage container as a site office you can add shelves or windows as the case may be. They can be adapted to house conduits for cabling and wiring. At Betta Storage, we engage in storage container modification all the time. If you have a business that travels from fair to fair or market to market, they can be modified to serve as a shop front or display centre.

modified shipping containers in Sydney

For home, they are fantastic for getting rid of clutter or for storing things that are only needed for part of the year. Depending on cupboard space, you could quite safely store your off season clothes in a cool, dry storage container in the knowledge that they would be in the same condition when they were needed again. You could use a storage container as a home office if you wanted to? Perhaps you are moving elsewhere and you want to pack gradually and methodically. You could park and pack your storage container and when you’re done,

For businesses, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the reasons why businesses use storage containers for both storage and additional space or work areas, so commonly and effectively:

  • Locker rooms
  • Storage for construction sites
  • Paper archive for your office
  • Storage on farms for equipment
  • Car enthusiasts or mechanics - vehicle and parts storage
  • A place to store extra stock
  • For disaster preparation
  • Storage for out of season
  • To load if you plan on moving
  • Tools and equipment storage
  • Event storage
  • Hunting camp storage
If you have a storage or some other space conundrum that you can’t quite solve, call Betta Storage and talk through the possibility of hiring or purchasing a storage container. It may be exactly the solution you are looking for.

Betta Storage Containers in NSW
  • Container Hire

    Our hire fleet consists largely of units built within the last 5 years, which means your belongings or goods will stay safer and more secure in a clean and well-presented container

  • Container Engineering

    The many and varied applications for the use of shipping containers can be greatly increased with features that can be added or modified to a standard shipping container

  • Container Delivery

    We operate our own 20` tilt tray trucks at very competitive rates. Our experienced drivers do their best to get the container to into the required place

  • Our network

    Because we work with affiliated companies in each Australian port, we know we can meet your needs no matter the location