How to Maintain Your Shipping Containers Roof

October 30, 2020

Your shipping container can be customised and shaped in a variety of ways to suit whatever needs you have, whether it be more space for your business or simply more storage. While most people focus on ensuring it sits on a safe and secure surface, what do you think happens to the roof? If it's not undercover, it could be prone to weather damage from hail, strong storms and even the sun. To learn more about how you can maintain the roof of your shipping container, continue reading.

Stop water buildup on your roof

Shipping containers are built with rain and water in mind. Most shipping containers will have small gaps which help drain water, but their effectiveness depends on how much you also take care of them. Like with the gutters on your home, they will fill up with leaves and debris overtime. If left unattended for too long, they can build up too much and begin to cause water to buildup, forming rust in the metal and risking leaks to form, wetting anything inside it, not to mention the buildup of leaves can be a fire hazard during dry days. Check up on your roof from time to time. Like with anything, regular shipping container maintenance will keep your container in tip top shape.

Care tips for Shipping container roof

Consider a roof for your container

If you are only using your container short term, then you may not need to worry about installing a roof. If you plan on using your container long term however, you can consider installing a shipping container roof to help prevent rusting and buildup of water, alongside insulation for the inside of the container. Roofs can also be fitted with gutters to ensure the protection of your container. Insulated roofs can help keep your container at a consistent temperature, and come in a variety of shapes depending on your needs. The main goal of a roof is to avoid water pooling, insulation and to protect your roof's metal surface. A shipping container inspection will let you know what the best solution for you would be, that won’t compromise its structure. Roof’s can be added onto any 10′, 20′ and 40′ shipping containers for sale, so plan ahead if you can.

Don’t put too much weight on your roof

Yes the roof of your container is very sturdy and can take some weight, but don’t overdo it. Overloading your roof can cause it to bend inwards and tear. If you are loading things on top of it, try to focus the weight on the corners, as they are tremendously more sturdy than the middle of the roof. This is why you often see containers stacked on top of each other, their corners are far stronger than the center.

For the best advice on how to maintain your shipping container roof, and for shipping container maintenance, talk to Betta Storage, the experts in high quality storage containers in New South Wales. You can plan a shipping container inspection and more with just a phone call.

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