How to Prepare Your Site for Container Delivery

August 31, 2019

Shipping Containers are the multi-functional solution to many of today's projects.  Whether you are expanding your office space, looking for extra storage or creating a modern retail project, shipping containers are the versatile, durable answer to so many requirements.  Today, people are turning more often to modified shipping containers as the best way to increase space and storage and the lowest and most flexible price.  Easily delivered and installed your container can be in use within days of contacting us. At Betta Storage we can advise on which size of the container you need and the best site for installation, depending on your ideal use.  Here are our tips for the preparation of your site prior to shipping container delivery.

Top tips for container site preparation:

Whether you choose to rent or buy your shipping container, before it is delivered to your location there are few things to get ready to ensure your container sits securely for the duration of its stay.


shipping container delivery in Australia

1. Site Selection

If you are not mounting the container for the long term, choose a spot where the ground is even and the soil firm and compacted so that it will support the frame of the container. If your site is rough or slanted you can add a layer of gravel or small stones to keep the container stable and secure. 

2. Surroundings

If your container is going to remain in place for a length of time, it can be valuable to pave the surrounding area prior to installation. This will provide a solid firm base for your structure and will enable you to utilise the outer area of the container more easily.

3. Vehicle Access

If your site is in a position behind other buildings then you may have trouble getting your container to your site. There are options to have your container dropped in situ’ by a crane but this is expensive. If your site is accessible by vehicle you will keep delivery costs down. Setting up storage containers in Sydney, where the topography varies, it is a great idea to prepare a level area prior to delivery.

4. Weather conditions

It is ideal to have your container delivered on a day free of rain, after a dry spell. Installing your container directly onto sodden earth may lead to sinkage and misalignment of your final structure. If you are in a particularly rough area you may need to secure your shipping container to the ground, but in most circumstances, the natural weight of the container will hold it firmly in place.

5. Ventilation

If you are concerned about water or drainage around the site of your container then it may be worthwhile setting the container down on concrete blocks. This will keep it raised from ground level, free of moisture and well ventilated.

Betta Storage are your local Sydney specialists in movable new and used storage containers. Contact us to discuss your requirements and let us help you choose the right container for your needs.


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