Maintenance will extend the life of your shipping container

October 31, 2019

If you have purchased a shipping container for storage or if you’ve fitted one out and used it as an office then you will be very aware as to how versatile and durable they are. Shipping containers are also becoming increasingly popular as a modular form of home construction. They can be adapted, fitted out and configured to make really serviceable, imaginative and fashionably designed homes.

So if you have invested in a shipping container you will want it to last for at least as long as you need to and that’s going to take some maintenance. So, regardless of the application (and some jobs done by your container will be more demanding than others) you need to be focusing on maintenance and fixing problems whenever they arise. Doing so will save you the hassle of having to undergo extensive and expensive repairs.

well-maintained shipping container in Sydney

Regular inspections

Obviously rust is the biggest concern. This commences when you are doing your due diligence about where to buy shipping containers. Where you purchase your container should depend heavily on the overall quality of their containers and how much attention they pay to maintenance. Try and learn what you can about the containers age and history.

When you are inspecting look at the walls, floors, ceilings and around the seals of the doors and any entrances or openings that you may have added. If you have used any coverings then you should be able to lift and see beneath.


As we’ve already mentioned, containers are made of steel and steel rusts. Painting is the best way to avoid rust. Industrial strength enamels work best on shipping containers. It costs more than household paints but on the balance of things, shipping container repairs are not as onerous or frequent as other home repairs so spending a bit more on paint should be expected. Like all paint jobs, preparation is the key so wash your container down and get rid of all the dirt and oil. Grind out the rust making sure you are fully rid of it and get to it with a roller or spray it on. A thorough paint job - and that means all surfaces inside and out - should last some 10 years. Obviously the roof will get the most exposure so apply a mobile home roofing tar or a similar product.

Doors are the most common cause of trouble

Depending on what you are using your container for, the load can cause the doors to misalign and that can make them tricky to open and close. Remember it’s not just your application of the container, the problem could go back to previous owners. Make certain it is square to the ground - the slightest imbalance will affect your ability to open and close the doors to the container.

Seals and lock rods might need to be replaced from time to time. Make sure you do it because not doing so can let in moisture and compromise your security.

Betta Storage pay close attention to shipping container engineering and shipping container repairs. We select containers of the highest quality. If you hire a shipping container or decide to purchase a shipping container for residential or commercial use, we stand behind our quality and dedication to maintenance. If you are tempted by the versatility and durability of a shipping container, contact Betta Storage for an obligation free conversation and inspection.

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