Need a New Office Space at Home? Consider Getting a 10-Foot Shipping Container

June 29, 2020

With the current pandemic, most people have had to self-quarantine and isolate from the world. As such, businesses adapt and you may find yourself needing to work from home.

For some, this is great! You get to sleep in for an extra hour, stay in your comfy clothes and work from the comfort of your own space. For others, however, it can be really hard to focus with family around and all the distractions that surround you.

If you need more space for work or are looking to expand the space you have, invest in a shipping container! They can be used for so much more than just transporting goods.

shipping container as office

One great thing about shipping containers is that they are customisable. The benefits of shipping container modifications will show when you decide to pimp out your container to suit your needs and wants. Some examples of what you can have done include:

  • Divide into smaller compartments
  • Add doors
  • Add windows
  • Add shelving
  • Install air conditioning
  • Cut out custom holes for open spaces
  • Install bathroom facilities
  • Add glass sliding doors
  • Variety of colour schemes available

The things you can do with a shipping container is only limited by your imagination. You can build and modify your own small home or office space, with a fully air-conditioned shipping container with windows, door and your own en-suite! Shipping containers are being used more and more as housing, due to their convenience and flexibility with modifications. They are especially popular as a moveable living space.

Think of a shipping container as a modular, portable space that can endure the harshest of weather conditions. So you don’t need to worry about storms or rain leaking in. If one container isn’t enough for your needs, you can always get more! Have them next to each other and put windows in so you can reach through to the other side. If there’s not enough space to have them side by side, place one on top of another!

If you’re planning on looking at 10ft shipping containers for sale, you need to make sure that you have the right amount of space and the right surface for it. The best surface you can get is a supported, hard and flat surface that won’t shift from the rain. Surfaces such as dirt are okay temporarily, but for a long term installation, think about getting reinforced concrete slabs planted down to be a solid firm surface for your new space.

For the best advice, contact Betta Storage today who are more than happy to assist you with the types of shipping containers available to suit your needs. They can talk you through modifications available to you to sort out your office floor plan layout and get the best space possible for you.


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