Second Hand Shipping Container - What are the Advantages?

December 30, 2020

Shipping containers are incredibly versatile storage units which can be converted into offices, restaurants and more! Due to their size and material, they aren’t the easiest to dispose of. To reduce the impact on the environment, and save some bucks, consider using a second-hand container? Here are some significant advantages to investing in a second-hand container.

Startup your business cheaper

There comes the point in every startup business where the walls of your home become too small, and your business needs its own space to continue growing. Renting an office or small studio space can be pricey, and not all startups have the funds to pay for it. An office or studio may not have the right space, shape for facilities you desire either.

Second Hand Shipping Container in NSW

This is where a shipping container comes in handy. There are 20, 30 and 40 ft containers available, all in a variety of styles and materials. Shipping containers may sound intimidating on your wallet, but they don’t need to be. It’s perfectly fine to start your own business in a second-hand shipping container, and it can easily save on many upfront costs from renting an office or studio.

Customisable to your needs

Shipping containers have the massive advantage of being fully customisable for your specific needs. Need air conditioning? Maybe a toilet or a natural gas line installed for a grill? Need some open space with windows? Containers can be fitted with a variety of choices to give you the perfect space for your business. Not only that, you can install a wooden floorboard or another flooring option to have, or even paint the interior and exterior to freshen up its look. Second-hand custom shipping containers can be the perfect solution for your startup business if you need a new space, and renting an office isn’t an option.

Reduce your global footprint

Shipping containers are massive hunks of metal, and they don’t break down quickly. Many unused containers end up rusting in a scrapyard and becoming unusable. Picking up a second-hand shipping container not only saves you money with a cheaper container, but you also reduce the number of wasted containers that are out there. Over 11 million containers in Australia are unused and are either rusting away in the middle of nowhere or are deteriorating in the ocean. There are many varieties of used shipping containers for sale in NSW, and if they almost suit your needs, get it customised so it can be worth the purchase.

If you require extra space and don’t want to shell out the costs for an office or studio, reusing shipping containers can be a cheap and effective solution for you. Get your new space fully customised for your needs.

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