Shipping Containers - Perfect for Startup Businesses

February 29, 2020

This is traditionally what most people have done. They’ve had an idea, or maybe it was a dream, of starting their own business. It might have been an original idea, or maybe it was something that other traders had done but they were going to do it better.

First thing, or one of the first things to do was rent some space. There they were and there they stayed. Hoping that business would come their way and hoping that they would stay ahead of the curve and not lose out to innovators.

Now, here’s what the innovators are doing. They are gearing their business for mobility. None of this waiting for the customers to come to them, they are going out and finding the customers. They are taking their wares, service or skills and delivering it to their people; their community. Their business model is mobility, flexibility and adaptability.

shipping container for startup cafe

So how do you keep costs down but still have somewhere to trade? You’ve got this great idea to take it to the customer but how can you do that and not have to pack everything up and freight it in advance of your arrival.

Shipping containers can be modified to become offices, studios, salons, workshops, kitchens, restaurants, cafes and retail stores. Your initial reaction to such a proposal may be to say that they require modification. Well yes that’s correct, but shipping container modifications are big business these days. It’s becoming more common and therefore less expensive to do. In fact it costs a fraction of securing, renting and fitting out a commercial property. Not to mention being locked into a long term contract with terms heavily weighted in favour of the landlord.

Shipping container design ideas are becoming more imaginative, versatile and innovative. For instance, imagine if you are a restauranter or caterer who wants to service customers who attend festivals or carnivals. Your container could be fitted with cooking equipment, shelving and refrigeration. A shipping container restaurant that can arrive at its destination, lift its doors and commence trading without all the hassle of pitching marquees and getting power to where you need it to be. It’s happening all around the world as we speak.

All sorts of businesses are doing it and they’re not just small entities or sole traders. Try some of these names: Adidas, Nike, Puma, Tesla, Volvo, Coca-Cola, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Sephora, Ugg, Samsung, Motorola, Nespresso etc.

Do we need to say more? If you are considering buying a shipping container contact Betta Storage. Buy quality and talk to us about all of your design requirements. We are the best in the business.


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