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June 26, 2019

Smart solutions, Betta Storage

When running a business, there are multiple decisions to be made every day.  Storage is one of the practical details we often leave on the to-do list until we are forced by necessity to consider our options.  Whether you are looking to scale your business, outgrowing your home office or looking to set up a short-term site for a local retail offer, if you buy a storage container it will provide the flexibility, portability and utility you need, quickly.

There are so many reasons to look into new shipping containers for sale. Buying a storage container is important for several reasons, the least of which is the preservation of key company and client information, storage of tools and equipment and to provide flexible, creative spaces for retailers and restaurateurs.  Over recent years the humble shipping container has grown in popularity to become an on-trend way to provide stylish solutions across multiple industries.

new shipping containers for sale and for hire

Why buy or lease a shipping container?

We have shipping containers for hire in Sydney. The primary practical reason to rent or to own your own shipping container is their low cost and portability and ultimately the opportunity for reselling it when you’re done.  Whether you find a shipping container for sale, or choose to hire a shipping container, your investment is more likely to pay off when compared to alternate solutions like building a temporary or permanent space. If you choose to hire a shipping container you have the added benefit of being able to return it when no longer needed, reducing the sleepless nights that come with larger, more permanent solutions.


Given their basic, functional framework shipping containers require no assembly and will be easily put in place with little site preparation. Their graphic lines and contrasting metallic colours make them a popular choice for the creative and innovative with their urban practical exterior and their blank convertible interior. You will delight your clients when they are struck by the contrast between a container’s stern exterior and the heavenly oasis revealed within.


Whether you are setting up for short or long-term trade, shipping containers deliver on the look and feel desired by many brands seeking that contemporary aesthetic. Containers speak to the recycling and upcycling movement and make a sturdy and practical space to showcase your goods and services. Given their open interiors, designers are inspired by the ability to install creative decor and clever compartments to create a small space with big impact.


Time pressure has often been the bugbear of business owners, and the pressure of having too little of it can lead to hasty decisions and imprudent spending. Whether you choose to buy a shipping container or lease one you can be sure that the practicality and affordability of your shipping container solution will be delivered in a shorter time than building a space or finding that perfect existing site, without the long term planning required to ensure you do not make a decision you cannot ultimately afford.


There are shipping containers available all across Australia, so whether you choose to look at shipping containers for hire in Sydney or anywhere in NSW, you can be sure your practical all-rounder will be delivered quickly, and quickly deliver on your short or long term business needs.


Betta Storage Containers in NSW
  • Container Hire

    Our hire fleet consists largely of units built within the last 5 years, which means your belongings or goods will stay safer and more secure in a clean and well-presented container

  • Container Engineering

    The many and varied applications for the use of shipping containers can be greatly increased with features that can be added or modified to a standard shipping container

  • Container Delivery

    We operate our own 20` tilt tray trucks at very competitive rates. Our experienced drivers do their best to get the container to into the required place

  • Our network

    Because we work with affiliated companies in each Australian port, we know we can meet your needs no matter the location