Starting a Pop Up Shop With a Shipping Container?

January 30, 2020

The ‘pop-up’ concept has become a bit of a phenomenon. They are a response to high rental costs in shopping precincts and the uncertainty of retail sales. Pop-ups mean that retailers can invest short term to test the viability of a product instead of gambling on a long term lease. It makes good sense.

Repurposed shipping containers are also used as pop-ups. Shipping containers have long been used as temporary offices; extra storage and even canteens. Now, repurposed containers are used for the purpose of retail displays. The mobility of a container means that customers don’t have to seek shoppers, retailers can take their product directly to their customers.

shipping containers for your pop up store

Architects who specialise in the repurposing of shipping containers for the purpose of a shipping container pop-up store give their clients the flexibility to take their product wherever they choose. Sporting retailers in the US customise containers for displaying their products with point of sale facilities. For instance, sporting shoe manufacturers have the flexibility to visit athletic carnivals and set up shop right in the middle of their captive audience.

The periphery of a car park is the ideal place to set up a container. The design for retail purposes is outsta

The same goes with pop up merchandising stores at music sporting and other types of festivals. Modified shipping containers in Sydney are nothing like purpose fitted vans or tents. They are secure, spacious, can be adapted to purpose and water proof. Shipping containers for small business are able to be moved from location to location with relative ease. They lock up securely at night so there is no need to arrange additional storage space.

If you are looking for a shipping container company who can modify high quality shipping containers for retail, storage or any type of commercial purpose contact Betta Storage today. It could be the beginning of a whole new way of doing business.

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