The Benefits to Modifying a Shipping Container

September 09, 2019

If you have you got a storage, venue, facility or even an accommodation conundrum that you can’t resolve, perhaps this article will provide you with a solution.

Shipping containers for businesses can be modified and adapted to resolve practically any problem that requires additional space. They can be divided into smaller compartments and doors can be added. You can add windows and shelving, install coffee machines and air conditioners - you can even cut out one side and turn it into a shop front.

modified shipping containers in Sydney

Perhaps you have a business that depends on your mobility. If so, shipping containers can be transported from venue to venue. If space is a problem and your shipping containers can’t be placed alongside each other then they can be stacked. Commercial applications for storage containers include: Site offices; lab facilities; pop-up shops and mobile or display kitchens; toilets and bathrooms; hospitality areas. Aside from their versatility, adaptability and efficiency, they’re also pretty cool - especially if you fit some windows and a clever colour scheme. They are the ultimate in secure, modular mobility. Shipping container modifications in Australia are becoming increasingly popular - especially as homes. It makes sense. They are incredibly secure and they are made to resist the harshest of weather conditions so you know that shipping storage containers won’t buckle in a storm or absorb any rain. You could place them atop each other with a set of stairs in between. Create a mezzanine or use them in lieu of an expensive home addition. How about a shipping container with glass sliding doors looking over your garden or acreage? If you want to use your imagination you can stack them across each other and use the overhang to create a verandah or portico. There are loads of interesting applications to view on the internet. Designers are creating some amazing homes using shipping containers. Contemporary homes with fabulous colour schemes and all the modcons included. If you are interested in modified shipping containers in Sydney, you should call Betta Storage. We’ve got Sydney, the Central Coast and key areas of New South Wales covered. We can add, modify, design and install to your commercial or residential requirements. If you’ve come across this article then you must be a lateral thinker. Give us a call and find out exactly what we can do. With your imagination and our skill, the possibilities are limitless.

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