Tips For Loading a Shipping Container

July 22, 2021

Loading cargo or goods onto a shipping container may sound easy, but there’s more to it than simply throwing everything in and hoping for the best. Shipping containers are massive units, and if you don’t securely store your goods, they may get damaged during transit. Before loading everything on board, listen to our tips for packing a shipping container for a smooth moving process.

Choose the correct container for your goods

Before you hire or buy a container, figure out what you’ll be putting inside it. Containers come in many sizes and can be customised specifically for your needs. Depending on what you are storing, you may need one that’s a different size, has different storing capabilities or may even need to be lined with certain materials. You can even have air conditioning units fitted inside your container for temperature-sensitive cargo to regulate the temperature. There are many ways you can use your shipping container for storage and transportation, so talk to your provider about how they provide the perfect solution for you.

tips to properly load a shipping container

Properly pack your cargo for transportation

Some goods may need extra preparation before you can transport them safely. You should also consider whether you’re transporting residential or commercial goods, as your packing methods will differ. It can be worthwhile to take an inventory of every box and container you store away when loading away anything. It can be a huge time waste to forget where something is and tear apart every box until you find it.

For residential and household items, you should place loose articles like books and smaller things like cutlery etc., securely in boxes or plastic storage containers so they don’t get loose in the shipping container. It also pays to use common sense for your packing. You should keep liquids in an airtight container so nothing will leak in the event of an accident. Avoid putting delicate item boxes at the bottom of stacked piles and line those with bubble wrap to minimise breakage. If you don’t want to stack too many items on top of each other, you can install partitions in your shipping container. These allow you to neatly store cargo so you can quickly load and unload when needed.

For commercial transportation, ensure you’ve got a quality container that is dry, clean and shows no signs of damage. When loading stock onto the container, consider loading with machinery to make the loading and unloading process faster. If you plan on shipping with many containers, forklifts and cranes can be invaluable assets to your business.

Do a final inspection before transporting

Once everything is loaded, it’s worth doing a final inspection before giving the all-clear. Refer back to your inventory list if you made one, and ensure everything is where it needs to be and that you haven’t forgotten anything. Shipping container removal services can then take it from there and get it where you need it to be. For all things shipping containers, don’t hesitate to contact Betta Storage, who are experts in the container industry.

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