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October 31, 2019

If you have invested in a shipping container and you will want it to last for as long as you need to, here are the maintenance tips for you.

well-maintained shipping container in Sydney

If you have purchased a shipping container for storage or if you’ve fitted one out and used it as an office then you will be very aware as to how versatile and durable they are.

September 30, 2019

The Benefits to Modifying a Shipping Container

modified shipping containers in Sydney

If you have you got a storage, venue, facility or even an accommodation conundrum that you can’t resolve, perhaps this article will provide you with a solution.

August 31, 2019

How to Prepare Your Site for Container Delivery

shipping container delivery in Australia

Shipping Containers are the multi-functional solution to many of today's projects.  Whether you are expanding your office space, looking for extra storage or creating a modern retail project, shipping containers are the versatile, durable answer to so many requirements.  Today, people are turning more often to modified shipping containers as the best way to increase space and storage and the lowest and most flexible price.  Easily delivered and installed your container can be in use within days of contacting us. At Betta Storage we can advise on which size of the container you need and the best site for installation, depending on your ideal use.  Here are our tips for the preparation of your site prior to shipping container delivery.

July 31, 2019

Some things to consider before hiring or buying a storage container

brand new green shipping container

There are benefits in having a shipping or storage container parked on your premises full of all the equipment, chattels and goods that you don’t require now but may require sometime in the future. You may even be tempted to buy a container for that reason. That’s not a silly idea necessarily, but keep in mind that most businesses - and it’s mostly businesses that use containers - prefer to rent than buy. And with good reason. It’s their container not yours. If your circumstances change and you no longer need a container on your premises they take it away for you. If it’s yours, then you need to get rid of it and that’s not as simple a proposition as you might think.

June 30, 2019

The Things to Know Before Buying a Shipping Container

new shipping containers for sale and for hire

Why buy a Shipping Container

Shipping Containers have fast become a contemporary space solution for many small businesses. Their versatility and portability make them a great choice for short term space problems, or for expanding retail and hospitality businesses. Storage Containers have reached celebrity status in the Tiny Home movement and present the blank canvas of basic design for homeowners on a budget or for those who require extended living or storage space.

June 26, 2019

Smart Solutions for business: consider the container...

new shipping containers for sale and for hire

Smart solutions, Betta Storage

When running a business, there are multiple decisions to be made every day. Storage is one of the practical details we often leave on the to-do list until we are forced by necessity to consider our options. Whether you are looking to scale your business, outgrowing your home office or looking to set up a short-term site for a local retail offer, if you buy a storage container it will provide the flexibility, portability and utility you need, quickly.

Betta Storage Containers in NSW
  • Container Hire

    Our hire fleet consists largely of units built within the last 5 years, which means your belongings or goods will stay safer and more secure in a clean and well-presented container

  • Container Engineering

    The many and varied applications for the use of shipping containers can be greatly increased with features that can be added or modified to a standard shipping container

  • Container Delivery

    We operate our own 20` tilt tray trucks at very competitive rates. Our experienced drivers do their best to get the container to into the required place

  • Our network

    Because we work with affiliated companies in each Australian port, we know we can meet your needs no matter the location