Frequently Asked Questions

Container Sizes

Type of container Tare weight, (kgs) Cubic volume, M cube Inner Length (mm) Inner Width (mm) Inner Height (mm) External Length (mm) External Width (mm) External Height (mm) Ft Door Width (mm) Ft Door Height (mm) Payload (kgs)
10' standard container 1300 15,4 2840 2350 2390 2990 2435 2591 2340 2280 1000
20’ standard container 2200 33,0 5900 2350 2390 6060 2435 2591 2340 2280 28000
20' High Cube Container 2360 37,3 5900 2350 2695 6060 2435 2896 2340 2580 28000
40’ standard container 3700 67,0 12035 2350 2393 12192 2435 2591 2339 2274 26500
40’ High Cube Container 3930 76,0 12030 2350 2690 12192 2435 2896 2340 2580 26500
20’ Refrigerated Container 2750 27,9 5440 2294 2237 6060 2435 2591 2286 2238 24250
40’ HC Refrigerated Container 4150 67,0 11577 2294 2509 12192 2435 2896 2290 2535 29300
“I am unsure as to what size I need”

Please give our office a call and we can help determine the size that suits you best. Call us on 1800 800 042 or send us an email to: admin@bettastorage.com.au

“How do I rent a storage container?”

To begin the rental process, you will need a valid Master card or Visa and you will need to fill out a rental agreements. Once this is done, we can usually deliver your Betta container with in 24 to 48 hours.

“How do I pay for my sale container?”

You can pay by Cash, Cheque, Bank Cheque, Direct Deposit Or Master Card / Visa (1% surcharge)

“Can I buy my rental container?”

Yes you can! Unlike other companies we do allow for you to purchase. Price will vary according to the type of container, the length of time it has been on hire and if the account has been kept up to date.

“How will I be invoiced for my rental container?”

On the first invoice we ask for the delivery & pick up cost as well as a minimum one months hire.

“Do I require Council permission?”

A container is a removable object and does not normally require a D.A. Each council is a little different, if you are concerned it is best to contact your council and ask.

“Do you buy containers?”

Yes we do, whether you purchased from us in the past or not, you can email admin@bettastorage.com.au photos of the container you have for sale and we will make you an offer over the phone.

“Do you offer insurance?”

No, you will need to contact your own insurance company. For move containers we can help organise by putting you in touch with a company that specialises in container move insurance.

“Do we need to place anything under the container?”

Generally not, the container floor sits about 10cm off the ground. If you would like to elevate the container we suggest railway sleepers. Make sure you advise the truck driver when your container arrives.

“What makes Betta Storage Containers better?”

Quality, we have a constant supply of new equipment ready for hire or sale.