How To Move a Shipping Container

July 31, 2023

If you find yourself in the process of moving or need extra storage space, shipping containers can be a fantastic solution. Versatile, secure, and durable, these steel giants have become increasingly popular for various purposes, from storage to even living spaces. However, moving a shipping container may seem challenging at first. This guide will provide you with a clear, step-by-step process to make it easier.

Buying or Renting Containers

Consider buying or renting containers based on your needs and frequency of use. Buying is suitable for frequent use while renting is better for one-time moves. Understanding the right equipment for different container sizes and distances ensures a successful move.

shipping container moving tips

Choosing the Right Container and Relocation Services

Before moving, you must find a suitable shipping container for your needs. There are various options for shipping storage containers in Sydneyfrom reputable companies. Ensure you select a container that suits your requirements in terms of size, condition, and any special features you may need. Consider using container removal services, as they handle moving containers efficiently and save you the hassle of arranging transportation.

Ground Preparation

Proper ground preparation for shipping containers is crucial to ensure a smooth moving process and the longevity of your shipping container. The ground should be level and firm, preferably a concrete slab or compacted gravel foundation. This ensures stability and prevents any shifting or sinking of the container once it's in place. Be sure to clear the area of any debris or obstacles that could impede the movement or placement of the container.

Estimating Shipping Container Moving Cost

Moving a shipping container, especially interstate, involves some costs. The actual costs will depend on factors such as the move's distance, the container's size, and any additional services you opt for. To get an accurate estimate, contacting reputable container relocation companies and obtaining quotes for shipping container moving costs is best. Consider factors such as insurance coverage and any permits required for transportation.

Moving Your Shipping Container

Shipping container transport by truck is a common and efficient method for moving goods. A forklift is practical for moving a 20ft shipping container within a short distance or on your property. Ensure you use a forklift with 6-foot tines capable of handling the container's weight, as standard warehouse forklifts are unsuitable. For containers longer than 20 feet, opt for a specialised forklift with 8-foot tines. You can use a tilt tray truck to lift the container from its short ends and place it onto the truck bed. For longer-distance moves, a cost-effective option is a flatbed truck, requiring a crane or forklift to lift shipping containers for loading and unloading onto the truck bed.

Alternatively, consider shipping containers by train for cost-effective transport of large items. Overseas moves benefit from boats' capacity to carry larger loads, and shipping container yards near ports facilitate boat transportation.

Moving a shipping container can be motivated by various reasons - from downsizing and needing extra storage space to starting a new business and requiring a secure place for inventory. While it may seem overwhelming, it can be accomplished efficiently with careful planning and the right resources. Opt for reputable container relocation services like Betta Storage Containers to make the process smooth and stress-free. No matter your reason for moving a shipping container, the proper assistance will make it hassle-free.

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