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Betta Storage Container Hire. We have plenty of options.

We’ve got Sydney, the Central Coast and most of New South Wales covered.

At Betta Storage Containers, our hire fleet consists largely of units built within the last five years, which means your belongings or goods will stay safer and more secure in a clean and well presented container.

When you need to hire a container, give our office a call on 1800 800 042.

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Size We offer three sizes 10’ (3m), 20’ (6m), and 40’ (12m)
Type Standard steel, high cube, insulated, dangerous goods store or side door
Quality New for storing stock / furniture, or Second hand on your building site
Access We normally deliver with a tilt tray truck – do you have enough space? (If in doubt, call & discuss first)

All of our containers are fitted with lock covers for extra security & are checked prior delivery.

A grade container“A” grade second hand
10 HAZ storage10’ Dangerous Goods store
Shipping containers with Roller doors20’ roller door containers

The process

  • Decide on your size, type & the quality of container required.
  • Call 1800 800 042, email or drop into our yard to work out delivery time & day.
  • Fill in our rental agreement below
  • The first invoice we ask for the delivery & pick up cost as well as a minimum one months hire. Ongoing hire will be deducted from your credit card before the due date.
  • On delivery let the driver know where you would like the container & if you would like to place any chocks under the container.

The Range

New & Used: we offer the three main sizes of containers

10’ (3m) containers

These are the smallest containers we offer – great for building sites & locations with limited space, but keep in mind it is the same size truck that delivers a 20’ container.

Standard height only
Standard steel container
External Size: 3m (long) x 2.4m (wide) x 2.6m (high)
Internal volume: 15 (m3)
Tare weight: 1300 kg

20’ (6m) containers

The 20’ container is the most common container your will see, able to store a 3 to 4 bed room home. It covers most clients’ requirements: industrial block, building site, back yard or on the farm.

Standard height & High cube (2.9m high) on offer
Standard steel / insulated / Dangerous good store / side opening / doors at both ends
External Size: 6m (long) x 2.4m (wide) x 2.6m (high)
Internal volume: 33 (m3) or 37 (m3) in the HC
Tare weight: 2250 kg to 2500 kg

40’ (12m) containers

The 40’ container is the big boy of the range – ideal for the farm or large industrial area, will hold more than most of us own. Keep in mind delivery: you will need a large area with plenty of space for a tilt tray to position.

Standard height & High cube (2.9m high) on offer
Standard steel / insulated / doors at both ends
External Size: 12m (long) x 2.4m (wide) x 2.6m (high)
Internal volume: 67 (m3) or 76 (m3) in the HC
Tare weight: 3700 kg to 4100 kg
Need some advice?
Please give us a call and we can help get you into the right container for you.

Save money with Our Free Transport Offer by pre-paying for your hire!

(Available only on 20’ containers delivered via tilt tray truck).

Interested in saving up to $330 on the transportation of your container hire? Take advantage of these offers:

  • Receive a free return transport by pre-paying hire on your container for six months. This offer is good up to the value of $165
  • Receive free transport both ways by pre-paying hire on your container for twelve months. This offer is good up to the value of $330

BETU Stack containersNew 20’gp Blue stack
White container with open doors10’ Dangerous Goods store
Tilt Tray Truck40’ Tilt tray delivery
blue container with Personnel Door exitPersonnel Door in a 20’ Blue container
New container with doors open10’ new hire doors open New container for hire10’ New hire unit NEW BETU Green containerNew 20’gp Green Container blue shipping containerNew 20’ High Cube Side door Container Betu green containerBETU 40’ High Cube green stack of grey shipping containers20’ grey stack
  • Want to sell your container?

    Please send 6 to 8 photos to us & we will get back to you with an offer.

  • Beware of poor-quality containers!

    All too often we hear of unscrupulous container traders sending poor quality containers into the country, leaving unwary customers out of pocket. Be sure and buy with confidence – all our containers are quality-checked.