Top 5 Mistakes When Hiring a Shipping Container

November 25, 2021

When considering hiring a shipping container, it can be easy to make mistakes that end up costing you more in the long run. As with any major purchase or rental agreement, knowing what pitfalls exist when renting a shipping container is essential. When not careful, people often miss important details, which can lead to them paying too much for their purchase. Here are the top five mistakes people commonly make when hiring a shipping container.

Lack of Prior Preparation

If you intend to hire a shipping container for storage or as a functional space, you must ensure it rests on an appropriate surface. Soil-based surfaces aren't good long term as the weather can affect the soil it sits on. As a result, your container will no longer be on a flat surface and may begin to tip or be exposed to puddles of water. Not only will this risk damaging your hired container, but any of the cargo you have stored inside. Don't take the risk, and make sure your plot of land is ready for a container.

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Hiring a container that's been over modified

Shipping containers are popular due to their size and customizability. If you're looking at used containers to hire, make sure you ask about its history and understand all the modifications it has gone through. It can be hard to patch a window you don't want in the container!

Not Considering the Size of Shipping Container Needed

When hiring a shipping container, you must first evaluate the size of your project and your budget. While renting a larger container may seem more cost-effective in the long run, there is the possibility that your needs will change over time. If this happens, you will have no choice but to hire another container and move it to a new location. Talk to your supplier about the different shipping container hire prices available to you, as some include free pickup!

Not correctly reading the fine print

There is more to think about than just the primary transportation and storage costs when you consider renting a shipping container. Other related expenses such as hiring workers who can help unload and store the container and local taxes are essential to include within your rental agreement.

If you do not cover these additional costs, then you may end up paying far more than what your original agreement stated. Ideally, you want to find a company with an excellent reputation for quality service at competitive prices.

Not Buying the Insurance Coverage Package

When you rent a shipping container, it is vital to do so with full insurance. Although the rental company may offer some type of basic coverage, inadequate insurance could leave you open to sizeable financial loss should anything happen to your container.

While most companies that offer shipping containers for rent will provide insurance coverage through a third party, you must check the fine print and ensure that your rental includes full insurance. When in doubt, always purchase an additional plan for the container which covers accidental damage and other significant incidents.

Be sure to plan when you hire a secure shipping container for any type of work. This is especially true if you need the service for an extended duration, such as several months or even years. Talk to your trusted experts at Betta Storage for your shipping container rental guide and more!

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